Wish to go out of india for job. For which country should i try to get work visa ?

Question by puneet d: Wish to go out of india for job. For which country should i try to get work visa ?
Hi ! Am a Computer Engineer and MBA in Marketing. I’ve 5 years of experince in Market Research. I wi sh to move out of India for job. Since no company is ready to sponser work visa as of now , i am just thinking of appying for a Visa on my own and then apply. In that case i think it would be easier to get a job.

The countries am thinking about is England, Aus, NZ, Singapore, UAE etc. Can anyone of you please suggest that for which country should i try to get teh visa? For England i think i quality under HSMP visa..but am not sure about job scenario in England..same is the case with Singapore.

Pl help.

Thanks in advance.



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Answer by al bowly
hello puneet

like you say, visa-wise the England is a good bet for you. as for jobs – i work in IT and, despite the financial crisis, the job market doesn’t seem too bad. as i’m sure you know there are a lot of indian or anglo-indian people living here, so it might make it a better environment for you, if you care about that kind of thing. i posted a link to a job site with some of your search terms.

see you soon.

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  1. Hi,

    I have 5 years of experience in Project management and have a MBA in Project management

    Please advise which country would be better to migrate

    Thanks in advance,

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