Why Britons leave the UK?

Question by mcendless: Why Britons leave the England?
I was living in the US for 6+ yrs and recently got my Green Card. I consider to give it up and move to the England (using HSMP scheme) which seems to be a more vibrant place to live and work these days. I am a 34 y.o. Computer Scientist, have a wife and two very young kids. However, I am puzzled reading in news that Britons are leaving their country by thousands. Can someone suggest what is wrong with life in the England so that so many are leaving? It seems unlikely that they are leaving just because the weather is not very hot (which I’d rather consider a plus).

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  1. The Brits have the same major problem we Americans have. Slimy scummy illegal alien border criminals sliming into their country like a disease and destroying the standard of living.

  2. its because all the damn pakis.. the government treats immigrants better then there own people, the country has gone to the dogs

  3. Housing in the south east of England is so expensive that it is possible to sell even a modest home and then use the procedes to live with a far higher quality of life in another warmer and cheaper country. I honestly think that this is the main reason, but also, to a lesser extent, peoples attitude towards British society is pretty pessimistic at the moment – alot of people don’t like whats happening regarding multiculturalism etc. Taxation is high and the quality of public services is percieved to be low.

  4. Times have changed in the UK and the change has been very dramatic over a short period of time. Immigration has made a definite impact on the general population.

    Why are people leaving the UK? Well for that there is a number of reasons, As we have been in the EU since 1973, it gives freedom of movement to many people, including us Brits who can move into Europe and like wise they can move to England. Many Brits feel the system is being abused by ‘outsiders’. As our social system is known to take you from ‘cradle to grave’ as they say!

    Many dislike the fact that the ‘tradition’ British family unit’ is no more. Twenty years ago England was a totally different place to live, and many Brits do not want the changes that are being forced upon them by Brussels. But, then many are not willing to allow the change that have to come.

    As for living it is very expensive to live in the UK. But again alot depends on where you want to live in the country.

    As for British weather well I suggest you buy yourself an umbrella!

  5. the uk is in a downward spiral with overpriced houses rubbish wages unless your really skilled .fuel prices are getting very high car fuel £1,08 a litre house gas & electricity up 20% recently.it takes hours just to drive a few miles(no joke)oh and the weather is rubbish for 6 months a year.i have 3 kids im 36 in the builing trade and seriously thinking of leaving very soon.hopefully never to return to this hole.

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