What type of Visa is needed in this situation?

Question by : What type of Visa is needed in this situation?
My live in partner, who has been working here on an HSMP Visa for the last six months (this expires in 2012) is from India. We have been together for almost a year now and have decided to get married later this year. His mother ( lives in Bareilly, on the jobs’ accommodation and has to leave there by the end of September, 2009)(a widow) has just retired from her job in India (March 2009) and we are interested in getting her to the UK as soon as possible. She has one daughter there that works in Delhi and she does not make enough to help her mother financially. My live in partner sends money home to his mother, on occasion.

I am a British passport holder. We would like to know what is the best type of visa to apply for his mother to come to UK.

We are both working and are about to move to a two bedroom rented accommodation. We do not depend on any benefits and are quite able to support his mother here in UK.

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Answer by Ali A
i had a similar situation years ago , but i live in australia , my best advice to you would be , asking an immigration consultants , so u be in the safe side.

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  1. Only children under 18 years of age, spouse, civil partner, or unmarried or same-sex partner can be classed as dependants if you are on a Tier 1 visa and are not settled in the UK.


    Once you are married and your husband qualifies for ILR, then the rules are different and elderly relatives can be brought to live with you in the UK subject to certain conditions.


    You need to be able to satisfy three conditions:

    -the elderly relative must depend wholly or mainly on you for financial support;
    -the elderly relative must be adequately accommodated and maintained by you in accommodation either owned by you or available for your exclusive use; and
    -the elderly relative must have no other close relatives in your own country to turn to for financial support.

    You will need to complete a form SET F


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