What are the requirements to apply for a British work permit / visa?

Question by arnold_agustian: What are the requirements to apply for a British work permit / visa?
I hold an Indonesian passport with New Zealand residency. I had graduated from New Zealand, worked in online marketing for 2.5 years in New Zealand, and have been working in Australia for a year.

Could I qualify for a British work permit / visa?
Thanks Pauper Prince and dancing_smurf for your comprehensive answers 🙂

Yes unfortunately I have “only” graduated with a Bachelor degree, so getting a sponsor (Tier 2) seems to be the only viable option. Failing that I might look around for a DBA qualification, preferrably in the UK, and then apply.

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Answer by Pauper Prince
British system works on Points based system now (PBS). There are two types.

1) Sponsored Work permits (Tier 2), where employer is qualified to employ people from out of EU. Employer sorts the work permit with British Government & send u papers for visa. You must be at least (UK equivalent) degree qualified (unless internal company transfer). You will need to find a job yourself where employer is ready to sponsor you (employer pays for all the work permit/visa costs).

2) Permit Free, Highly skilled migration scheme (Tier 1 General), you apply it yourself, if you have UK equivalent Masters degree, at least 15 months of work experience & can prove that you have £40,000 (equivalent to UK Pounds) as salary in past 12 months.

Good luck.

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  1. In my honest opinion the answer is most likely no. Why?

    To begin with the UK is going through an economic recession that has 2.4 million people out of work and it means the jobs are not there. In response to the loss of jobs it is my understanding the number of work visas have been restricted in order to ensure that UK citizens can get jobs.

    With that said the UK visa system awards points based on education, earnings, and age. They also take into account your ability to support yourself while working so that you do not have to rely on the government and look at your character.

    Unless you hold a masters degree and preferably a doctorate degree you will not qualify for Tier 1 entry. Tier 1 entry lets you work unrestricted due to the fact you are highly skilled. Tier 2 requires a masters degree but a bachelors degree will be considered. However the requirements on the employer is that they must be approved by government to issue a work permit and they first must have advertised the job in the UK before applying for a work permit. Given the loss of jobs and the fact that many people in the UK can do online marketing it makes it unlikely that any job in that field that was advertised could not have been filled by someone in the UK.

    Best advice is to get your DBA (Doctorate of Business Administration) and then apply.

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