Want my Indian bf to stay in UK?

Question by Lolly9: Want my Indian bf to stay in England?
My bf is here with me on 6 month visitors visa. We want to stay together and he is trying to get an IT job whereby a firm will sponsor him. He does not have enough points for HSMP visa. Trouble is, agencies say, you need work permit to apply BUT we cannot get the work permit w ithout a job offer. We really want to stay together. Is there anyway we can extend the visitors visa (apart from him being ill) or any ideas on IT firms that are willing to sponsor commonwealth citizens for work permit. Alternatively, is there any way of getting a work permit without a job offer. We are getting desperate. Keep trying to do things properly but coming up against brick walls. Thank you.

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Answer by clint_slicker
The first thing that comes to mind is a spouse Visa, then he would be entitled to work for two years before reapplying.

The only other way I can thing of is a student Visa. he will be able to work for 20 hours a week.

If he doesn’t qualify for a HSMP visa then a doubt you’ll be able to find a company that can prove he is better than the locals, especially in IT were the market is already full.

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  1. Nope, he has to leave

  2. I would suggest you look into the option of a Working Holiday visa. If he is 30 years or younger he will be eligible to apply for the visa which will allow him to come to the UK and work for 12 months.

  3. The first way to solve your problem is actually contained within your question.

    You need to obtain a job offer and then use that as the basis for application. This will be much much easier if you boyfriend interviews with big IT & Comms companies (IBM, Microsoft, BT, Vodafone etc) as they are very used to working with foreign nationals and dealing with Immigration services. They will usually have someone in Human Resources who specialises in doing just that.

    The second option (mentioned already) is a spouses visa, though this commits you to marriage, is not immediate, and not necessarily simply.

    If he cannot find a suitable job offer to pursue towards a working visa, then I suggest applying for an extension of stay on his current visa, and a consult with a lawyer.

    Another option would be for him to go back to India and simply obtain a new entry visa.

    I also recommend that you talk to some serious employment agencies who specialise in IT internationally (Michael Page springs to mind) and check out international employment websites like http://www.monster.com

    And speak to a lawyer as soon as you can. The first consultation should be free, and they will explore your options with you in greater detail than is possible here.

  4. Hi, I am currently on PSW visa which is due to expire in May 2013. I am getting married to my partner in June 2012, who himself is about to apply for his ILR in September 2012. I am not sure of whether my name should be added along in his application as a spouse. I am also not sure that I would qualify for ILR or I would be granted an initial stay of 27 mths and then ILR.

    Also many friends are suggesting that after marriage I would have to send my passport to my embassy for adding my husband’s name on it rather than my father’s name otherwise UKBA wouldn’t consider our marriage valid. Is it required? And if yes then how long would such a processing take?

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