uk spouse visa documents?

Question by : uk spouse visa documents?
I am supposed to get married to a guy living in the England under the HSMP visa. now he has given me a list of the documents i would need. along with the original certificates of my academic qualifications he has also asked for the originals of any fixed deposits in my name and statements of my bank account which would have a considerable amount in it. when asked why he needs these documents he said its needed for the visa ppl to be assured that i wouldnt be a public liability in case i decide to get a divorce. I hae no clue as to where to verify this fact from. cudnt find much help on the net as well. can any one plz tell me if these documents are actually needed?? thanx
its a typical indian marriage scenario. mine and his parents met up…decided everything. have met the guy, talked to him and really like him. everything is fine. he stays inn cardiff. a family friend met him up there at his work. my parents hv been thorough abt everything. and i really like the guy. but this one particular thing abt the financial documents has been bothering me…are these documents needed?
we are getting married under the hindu marriage act in july. he has come down to india. have mt him…been to his place…as i said earlier a typical indian hindu marriage.

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Answer by Pigeon Pie
You are mad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

“I am supposed to get married to a guy living in the England”

What is his name? How long have you both been together? And if this is an internet relationship it would be a big scam.

Please give more details off your relationship.

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  1. No these documents are definitely not needed. You do not need to submit your academic qualifications either. It sounds as though he is using the visa process to find out as much about you as he can, including how much you are worth!

    If this man is in the UK on a work visa, you can only come to the UK as his dependent. You make the application and you submit proof that either you or he can support you in the UK. You must show that either you or he has the required maintenance funds in your/his bank account for three months at least before you make your application. The amount required depends on how long he has been in the UK.

    If he has been in the UK for less than three months the amount is £1,600. If he has been in the UK for more than 12 months the amount is £533.

    There is absolutely no need for him to see your bank statements as you will submit them with your application. He does not need them at any stage in the process.

    If you divorce, you would no longer have any right to remain in the UK as your dependent visa is solely issued on the basis that you are intending to live together in the UK.

    You stand no chance of getting a visa unless you have actually met him.

    You say that you are applying for a UK spouse visa. You can only apply for that if your fiancé is a British citizen or has settled status (indefinite leave to remain), which he would be entitled to claim after four years on the old HSMP visa which was abolished in 2008, or after five years on the new Tier 1 visa which replaced it.

    In this case you still make the application and submit all the documents but the onus is on him to prove that he can provide financially for you in the UK. He must provide you with between three to six months bank statements and pay slips and his employment contract to submit with your application.

    You must both be over 21, have met and intend to live together as a married couple in the UK. In addition to the financial information, he must provide evidence of adequate accommodation with the landlord’s approval if rented, for you to live there with him.

    In neither case would you submit any proof of academic qualifications unless he is struggling to meet the financial support conditions and the fact that you are qualified and employable with a reasonable salary could sway the decision in your favour.

    Since you seem to have substantial assets, one would assume that your husband to be is likely to be equal in status on the professional and financial front, so this would not be an issue?

    Here are the relevant pages on UKBA’s web site. Once you have established exactly what visa you are applying for, either a Tier 1 dependent or a UK spouse visa, you can read up on the requirements and take it from there.

    EDIT Just to add, if you separarted or divorced after coming to the UK on a spouse visa, you would not be entitled to remain. You are entitled to apply for ILR after two years. Once you have ILR, you are free of immigration control and your right to remain in the UK no longer depends on your husband’s status.

    Similarly, if you come to the UK on the dependent visa, you can apply for ILR as soon as he does provided you have been resident for at least two years.

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