UK dependent visa question.?

Question by Saeed: England dependent visa question.?
+ what is the child accompany age limit to travel England?
+ my sister is almost 19 years old. can she travel alone?
she already visited England (for five months) in 2008 along with her husband and at that time it was written on her visa that she can ONLY travel with her husband. Her husband is living in England since 2005. His Visa status is HSMP and valid till Feb 2013.
+ She is almost 19. Can she apply for a England Dependent visa? Or again she had to apply for Visit Visa like she did before in 2008.
+ Whats the visa processing time of England Dependent Visa and Visit Visa if applying from Pakistan?

I will appreciate if someone can answer these question along with the England Law references.
Thank you very much for your time and support!

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Answer by Ehsan

yes your sister can travel alone
she can apply for a dependent visa but only if her husband and she can support themselves without goverment funds, so no child benefits or income support etc and that her husband has enough room to accomodate her.

Tier 1 HSMP Dependants and Family Members.
Your dependants can be added to your Tier 1 HSMP Visa at the time of application and they will all have to complete a Tier 1 HSMP Dependant application form.

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  1. The age limit is usually 17. Until then a child must have the permission of both parents and adequate arrangements for care and guardianship in the UK must be in place.

    Your sister is 19 and therefore now classed as an adult under UK law so will be able to travel unaccompanied.

    She can apply for a dependents visa, but only as long as her husband’s visa is valid. Her leave to remain will depend solely on her husband being able to support her, provide adequate accommodation and prove that he has maintenance funds for himself and her.

    A word of caution. Her husband is probably now eligible to apply for ILR. If he does this your sister will lose any right to remain in the UK as his dependent. She can no longer be a Tier 1 dependent if your brother in law is free of immigration control and will therefore not be eligible to remain. She is in a catch 22 situation until she is 21, when she can apply for a spouse visa if her husband claims ILR. She cannot remain as the spouse of a person settled in the UK under the age of 21, although she can as a dependent of a points based system visa holder.

    The processing time will vary depending on the application centre, but with the increased scrutiny of all applications from dependents, don’t expect it to be less than two months.

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