Q&A: Work Permit in Australia?

Question by ND: Work Permit in Australia?
My wife will be transferred to Australia for long term by her company. Hence I am also planning to shift there as her dependent initially. Can I work in Australia?
I have Bachelors in Engineering degree in Information Technology and MBA in Marketing. I have more than two years of experience in Marketing in insurance and IT products. How easy or difficult is it to get a work permit for me?
In the points test, I have seen that I am eligible for highly skilled immigration visa. How long does it take to get the highly skilled immigration visa?
Thanks in advance for your reply.
My wife is not going there on highly skilled migrant visa, although she is eligible for one. She is going for her company, whose client is an Australian organization. So, she will be there in Australia for more then 2 years. I plan to go along with her.

Best answer:

A dependent is not prohibited to work in Australia. Thus, you can also apply for work thereat.

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  1. depending on what type of visa you wife has. dependents of the permanent skilled workers visa are allowed to work in Australia.
    the Australia immigration official website has really helpful information and database to match the skill of the professional and skill migrants.
    Average Processing Times

  2. i am usa citizen liveing in pakistan i like apply austrail studet visa i am only 12 year

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