Q&A: UK visa is going to expire !!! which one should i need ???

Question by sunil k: UK visa is going to expire !!! which one should i need ???
I am a working professional , I recently got a job and presently i am working in a company , i have got uk work visa . The visa which is given after studies to work in UK legally for 2 years, the thing is that my visa is gong to expire soon , i don’t have enough points to apply for HSMP and my company is also not willing to sponsor Work Permit , is there any possibility that can i extend my visa to holiday working visa ? if not which visa can i apply in order to stay and continue my work . please guide me

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Answer by Minnie ?•*¨*•?•*¨*•?
You need a Work Permit in order to stay.

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  1. prince pal singh

    my ielts certificate is expired and a government college of uk has given me offer letter on expired ielts certificate now i can applied for uk will i get visa sure

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