Q&A: Please help? Any immigration person on here? My friend is leaving the UK and don’t want her to go?

Question by thatgirl: Please help? Any immigration person on here? My friend is leaving the England and don’t want her to go?
she’s been here almost 2 years now under HSMP but because she could not find a job on time she doesn’t meet the points for an extension which i think is 75. though she has a steady job now, but still can’t meet up and though she’s been searching for a second job cannot find one. so she’s leaving early next year.
Is thee any other kind of visa she can apply for, she said she cant apply for student visa because she might need to have a lot of money in her account which she doesn’t have. please help
thanks kitty. but her employer does not give work permit

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Answer by Shayan
seal ?

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  1. She could see if her current employer were willing to sponsor her under the Tier 2 visa category, that’s about her only option if she can’t find another job to satisfy the income requirements

  2. Start saying your goodbyes.

    She has had her chance,unfortunately it is her time to go home.

  3. If she has a steady boyfriend, marriage could be the answer. However there are a lot of hoops to jump through, and a lot of requirements to be met.


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