Q&A: Does marriage license in the Philippines are applicable to Canada? Marriage between Canadian and Filipina?

Question by chellie: Does marriage license in the Philippines are applicable to Canada? Marriage between Canadian and Filipina?
My boyfriend is a canadian citizen and we’re planning to get married in the Philippines. Is this marriage valid or applicable in our application for Canada spouse/marriage visa? After marriage, how long should we wait before we can file the necessary documents?

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Answer by margarita lady
You should be worrying what the Phil. gov’t. look for if you are marrying a foreigner. I mean documents.
Of course any marriage license issued in any country as long as the officiating official is licensed to officiate.There is a gov’t office in the Philippines that called Census where all official documents forwarded to their archive, if you need legal documents then they will issue that with their official seal. Meaning it’s a genuine legal papers.
After the marriage he can get an application from the Canada Immigration. All he has to do is call the canada immigration office inquire and ask for application.

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  1. my mom married my dad who is an american. he went there to marry her and then went back early for his job, and she followed the next month. yes your marriage is valid anywhere you go. file the documents as soon as you want. all the paper work will be done but it might take a little linger cause you know how filipinos like to process papers……
    it takes a while, but im sure you’l have no problems

  2. good day,
    i am curious now with my situation,i am an slovenian citizen and im goi’n to the philippines just to get marry for my girlfriend, but she’s living almost 4 years in slovenia and were living together for two years,but right now she’s in the philippines…
    my question is what are those requirements of getting married in philippines? should i need some papers from slovenia?
    and my next question is, if we get married in the philippines can i bring here directly in slovenia? or she need any kind of visa before i can bring here in slovenia?

    thanks i really need any information regarding this matter…

    • Im just wondering if you have already figured out the marriage process?my boyfriend is from Slovenia as well and we’re thinking of getting married here. I hope you can share your thoughts on this and hope all is well.


  3. hi,.. im a filipina and have canadian bf. he will have 2weeks vacation here in phils. to do our civil wedding. He will be back on canada on july 26 and he want me to bring on the same date with him, is it possible?

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