Immigration and passport control at UK airports?

Question by salvadorcolones: Immigration and passport control at UK airports?
Do i have to get my passport checked and stamped at Exeter airport when i fly in from Amsterdam? (i am an Australian passport holder). Generally, for the sake of those interested, do the smaller UK airports (e.g. Bristol, Southampton etc.) have passport control desks?

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Answer by sarch_uk
Yes we do. When you are at any UK airport you will find that there are two lanes to go through…one for those who are EU citizens, and one for those who are not. As you have an Australian passport you will have to go through the latter lane and have your passport checked…don’t know whether it will be stamped or not but would presume that it would be. Even those from the EU have to go through passport control though the passports are not stamped.

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  1. I’m Australian and have been to the UK twice through Manchester airport and boy, they are very thorough and invasive and particular!! They want to know your life story and what business you have being there. But it’s not nice and friendly, it’s all serious business. You feel quite nervous!

  2. EVERY airport in the UK which you can arrive at from outside the UK will have immigration and passport control – wouldn’t make sense not to.

    And if you think UK customs are unpleasant you want to try arriving at some other countries around the world – like the USA and China – even as a UK citizen. People I know are refusing to ever travel to the USA again because of their unpleasant encounter with USA customs officers.


  3. You will have your passport checked at any airport when arriving from any country other than the UK. You, as a non-EU citizen, will have your passport stamped as well.

    My wife is non-EU and she has her non-EU passport stamped every time she re-enters the UK.

    Smaller airports may only have one or two officers checking passports; bigger ones may have a separate line for non-EU citizens. Bristol last time we used it, for example, only had two officers and everybody used either line, with the non-EU passport holders taking slightly longer to clear the desk. Mind you, last time we arrived at Gatwick, she got through immigration quicker than I did!

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