I need a work permit?

Question by BSB: I need a work permit?
I presently have a HSMP visa that will expire in a few months and I have read the new regulations and realised I can’t extend it, I used the points calculator on the home office website and I didn’t meet the points. I am working and my present employer doesn’t give work permit, my work isn’t special [admin] Is there anyway, any company that can give a work permit.
Any one know any company/organisation that gives work permits or any other way I can stay in the England to continue work.

P.S – I have 6 years experience in admin and HR. Only been in the U.K 2 years though.
I never realised there were so much self centred immature ignorant people on this forum. Hope you never need any form of help from anyone in your life because when you do I hope you never find it

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Answer by Gullu
Just kick them, you know where. They do not deserve educated and experienced people because of inferiority complex.

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  1. Looks like you need to go home

    I would say that admin work is NOT in demand – any british person can be an admin worker

  2. sorry maam
    i apologise to you on behalf of these rascals ,,,who dont know how to repect a women ,,,nor answer decently,,or just get lost ,,,,,,,,,,,,,
    these persons just go from page to page to harasss people ,,,,,,
    you report their answers as abuse ,,,,,,
    everyone should use the abuse option ,,only then these waste bodies will learn a lesson

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