Hi Guys Help me Is this marriage work ?

Question by blu u: Hi Guys Help me Is this marriage work ?
I got married 8 months ago and living in London. I stayed with my wife for 15 days after my marriage. She was polite initially but after her dependent visa refusal she changed a lot. Now she is very much short tempered. I tried every mean to bring her to UK but nothing worked. Now she is interested in MBA so we are applying for student visa. But things are worse now, she hangup phone on me.Start shouting but sometime my fault as well. My parents didn’t care about my wife and never gave her gift for any occasion. After i left she never been to my house and staying with her parents. Now we need £9000 for her study .I asked her for help she agreed to give £3000. Now I have to arrange £6000. I got married through the internet after talking with a girl for 10 months. I went to India and got married in just a span of 15 days. The only good thing of our marriage is she calls me in the evening and i call her in morning. But I am stressed these days and it’s affecting my job ,reputation, health and making me mentally sick.

She is living in India and getting good salary. I believe she must be under pressure as a boy married and left her for a while but everyday I call her 4-5 times.

It’s my fault i haven’t been to India from last 8 months. She is living with her parents and now moving to another city.
She says I have good job in India why i come to UK. There was no dowry in the marriage. It was my fault in sumitting her dependent visa documents. I am on hsmp and next year apply for Permanent resident.

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Answer by Christie Brucks
this is why sometimes you have to think things out before you do them. you must plan. i’m sure you already know this now, but hey, if you want to make the marriage work, i think you are going to have to move to india.

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