Help!!! I need a job!?

Question by BSB: Help!!! I need a job!?
I have registered with almost every single recruit agency in London – Hays, Office jobs, Huntress, office angels, Reed, monster, Totaljobs, cv library, simply HR…..the list is ENDLESS….I have 4 years experience in Admin, my c.v has been reviewed several times and everyone says its excellent..
As it is now, i can work ANYWHERE. Even if i have to do a cleaning, care, baby sitting or cook job. I shouldn’t be doing this, but it has just gotten to a stage where i have no choice. I need money..
I am not a U.K citizen, but i have the right papers to work for another 2 years [HSMP], i am a graduate and i have good recommendations.
Don’t know what to do..Pls advice or if u know any opening, anywhere.
Let me know your thoughts……

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Answer by Julie
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    Have you sent out any speculative letters and CVs to companies?
    Not all companies use recruitment agencies.
    Start by contacting companies in your field of work.

    The Gumtree have a good number of roles in London liste.Try Craigslist too.

    There’s a decent careers forum on here

    Best of luck and I hope you find something soon 🙂

  2. Hi,

    Become and Arbonne Independent Consultant. They are a health and wellness beauty company. This may not be your dream to sell health and wellness beauty products, but you have to look at the big picture with Arbonne. They offer the opportunity to work for your self, but not by yourself. You will be a part of a team of consultants all working together to help each other grow their business. This is not a scheme, it IS WORK.

    The difference is that you can start right now. You CHOOSE to become and Arbonne Consultant – you don’t have to wait for someone to give you a job. You CHOOSE who you work with and you CHOOSE how well you do. No glass ceiling. No waiting for someone to give you a raise.

    Once again this is not some sort of scheme it is real work. Please emal me through my profile if you would like more information and I would love for you to choose to work with our team.

    It is work, but one other bonus is we really do have a lot of fun working together.

    Take care,

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