Canadian Visitor Visa set to expire during their visi, what will happen?

Question by Imaad: Canadian Visitor Visa set to expire during their visi, what will happen?
Visa is valid for 6 months from 01 May to 01 Oct.?
Family plans to arrive to Canada around 25 Sept.
Can they stay for 4 months after arrival on 25 Sept. – visa validity is 01 Oct.
Does the visa validity get extended at the port of entry?

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Answer by MadMan
LOL! No, of course not. They may well be prohibited from entering the country if their return ticket does not have them leave by Oct 1st.

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  1. The visa allows them entry until the last day of issue ..
    it has nothing to do with the length of stay …nor does it have to remain valid … its really just a key to the door
    The POE will decide how long you can stay ..but they probably will get close to or what they want

  2. The visa expiration date only determines the last date on which you may travel to Cannada and apply for entry. For how long you may stay (up to 6 months) is determined by the Canadian Border Services Agency officer at the Port Of Entry (POE).

    The visa validity is determined by a visa officer. Single-entry visas are normally valid for six months, and multiple-entry visas may be valid for longer periods. The validity date is the day by which you must enter, not leave, Canada. The officer at the Port Of Entry will determine the length of stay allowed. ..

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