after marriage is it essential to have joint accounts to satisfy USA immigration that the marriage is real?

Question by kursten r: after marriage is it essential to have joint accounts to satisfy USA immigration that the marriage is real?
after marriage we need to have an interview at USA imm igration what are the requirements? I am an independant woman and do not wish to have joint accounts etc. My fiance is an American Citizen I am from Australia

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Answer by Joselito Tito M. Fraginal
Joint accounts is not necessary but it will contribute that you are married to an American. What is essential is that you can show to the US Immigration that you are together such as living in the same house and are consummating the acts of being a couple.

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  1. It would help, but not be a requirement. US Immigration is interested in your proof that you do not have a “fake” marriage. One way to prove it is to have joint accounts or other instruments in both names. When my Canadian husband and I married (second marriage for both), I didn’t add him to anything like my home deed or utilities, etc., so we had little to offer. All we did was open a joint household banking account and a joint credit card account. Apparently, that satisifed the INS because after our interview, my husband was granted Permanent Residency without any further need to submit proof.

    If you do not share finances or other household obligations, it might be more difficult to prove the validity of your marriage. I’d recommend at least opening a joint bank account, but of course you don’t have to use it later on. Keep the INS happy so they don’t make your lives miserable!

  2. The purpose of the interview is to establish the fact that you two are in fact married, and didn’t enter into marriage as a business transaction. Having separate accounts should be no problem. Much more problematic would be living in separate homes in different states, not knowing anything about the personal habits (including intimate details) of the other spouse and the like. These is no legal requirement to have joint accounts. What you need to do is to make sure you have a genuine marriage, because if you don’t it’s back to the outback.

  3. you dont have to however it’s better evidence that you are truely married and not afraid to share things together.

  4. It really depends on your interviewing agent. My husband and I are madly, deeply in love but we were given a very hard time because of our age difference (I’m 14 years older) and the fact that we didn’t want any children together (between the two of us we have 8 kids)! We had letters from friends and colleagues, family pictures, even letters from our church to prove our relationship was for real. It wasn’t until I threatened to give up my US citizenship and move to Mexico that the agent finally got up off his high, judge-mental horse and accept the fact that we were staying married with or without the blessing of the BCIS. Believe me, our finances were the least of this guys concern.
    I just hope we have someone different in three months when my husband has his citizenship interview!

  5. Immigration is going to ask you for many things before you receive citizenship. You must have cars; insurance (medical & automobile); your housing; checking or saving accounts; utiliies; etc in both names. If you would like to have a seperate account in just your name then that would be ok but you should have as many things as possible in both names. You are going to have to prove that your actually together and you must have pictures of you both together (family pics) Good Luck!

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