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  1. i have Australian spouse visa sub clause 309 i don’t have my permanent residency. and my husband refused to stay with me when i came back to my country india. he have australian citizenship. and i want to go back to australia. how can i go?

  2. My ex-husband has been granted with a Class BN Subclass 136 – Skilled Independent visa. He obtained the visa with my son (21 years old) being the secondary applicant. As soon as he landed in Australia, he went off and became uncontactable and any promise to support him was nil. My son is still studying in Uni and I (his mother) have been supporting him from Malaysia.

    Is my son eligible for Youth allowance even after having stayed there for 2 years? Any advice would be grateful.

  3. hello i need help from australia visa and how can i get. And i.am a student . I.am from Ghana

  4. Hi, I`m peruvian, I had been living in sydney until 2009, now I wanna come back but is to hard, please I need some girl to help me, please.
    I am a good men just I want to live in australia beacuse I think that is the best country to live, thanks, please help to come back

  5. Respected Sir/ Mam,

    Hello! I’m Mr.Bharat Shah from INDIA and I have some queries as below.

    I was having B1/B2 Visa which I had renewed 3 times and I was having that up to 2012. Up to now I had made 5 times trips to USA. In my 4th trip, I stayed for 8 months in USA and after coming to India and I stayed 3 months here in India. Again I went to USA entered through the New York Airport and stayed there for 6 months. Again I stayed in India for 3 months and then I was going to USA but this time, I went through the Philadelphia Airport. But at this time I was caught by the Immigration Officer and he sent me back to India from Airport in the evening with 5 years ban.

    After 2 and half years I had changed my surname legally and made legally a new passport and then again applied for USA Visa but during the Interview,

    I was caught by USA Attorneys and they returned my new Passport because my passport is Legal and Original and I had all the proofs for this passport but the Immigration Officer from Mumbai gave me a Lifetime Ban.My wife is also a holder of USA Visa and I had also shown my wife’s passport to the Immigration Officers and they returned both the Passports but I was banned under this act by them.

    The Immigration Officers gave me the Lifetime Ban under act 212 (a) (6) (c) (i). Is this USA Act is for lifetime ban? They gave me this Ban act but as my Son is going to become U.S. Citizen next year, so can he puts my file in U.S for Green Card? Is its possible for me to go U.S. on that file?

    I hope you will give good suggestion. Please reply me as soon as possible.

    Thanking You,

    With kind regards


  6. I made mistakes while filling a sponsorship for migran to AUSTRALIA. I misunderstood a question and gave the wrong answer. And forgot to fill the date after sign. What should i do? Any other ways to help? Please help of me.. I made mistakes while filling a sponsorship for migran to AUSTRALIA. I misunderstood a question and gave the wrong answer. And forgot to fill the date after sign. What should i do? Any other ways to help? Please help of me..

  7. Hi, We really need some advice from you.

    I’m Ivy 24 years old, from Philippines. We just

    want to know if my mother age 53 will be granted

    for Last remaining relative visa in Australia. Her

    3 brothers are living in Australia for more than

    20 years,her both parents my Grands died in

    Australia years ago, but she has one brother

    living in US. I will be living for Australia in

    the next 2 months and will study there for 2 years

    i don’t have any sibling. My father, her husband

    died few months ago. So she will be living alone

    here in Philippines. My relatives are wondering if

    she can have a chance to get Last Remaining

    Relative Visa. We gratefully appreciate your help.

    Thank you very much,

  8. Does New Zealand Permanent resident require ielts for applying 457 sponsor visa to Australian ?

  9. sikandar laiq ahmad

    we are basically Pakistan based and deal with UK Australia Canada Newzland but only education sector and iwant to deal in immigration for Canada Australia USA or Newzland because lot of people contacting us in this regard please reply

  10. hello,

    I am from Delhi with employment in Oman. I intend to visit Australia as tourist for 4 weeks and will apply in Dubai.
    I am married but have not mentioned my wife’s name in my passport. So what should I mention in marital status of my Australian tourist visa application ? Do they check thoroughly the personal details ? Will they reject my case if I hide my marital status ?

    thank you

  11. I want to go to the Australia for study purpous and one of my friend wants to sponsor me. I am not sure about third party migration that whether she can sponsor me or not, please guide me through?

  12. I am applying for permanent residency in Australia from my country. I am not sure which test i should take Academic or General. I am an Architect. Please help!!

  13. i have an employment sponsorship going to Australia. do i need to undergo or consult the embassy of Australian embassy here in Philippines or not?

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