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Thread: (ieltswithoutexam@yahoo.com) IELTS/TOEFL,CELPIP,ESOL questions Bulgaria,Afghanistan

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    (ieltswithoutexam@yahoo.com) IELTS/TOEFL,CELPIP,ESOL questions Bulgaria,Afghanistan

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    (1) Fish Packer (2) Fish Machine Tender, (3) Fish Cleaner
    (4) Fish Bin Tender, (5) Machine Operator, (6) Warehouse Supervisor
    (7) Drivers, (8) Brine Maker (9) Cooker (10) Cooker Mechanic
    (11) Food Production Worker (12) Manufacturing Assistant
    (13) store Manager, (14) Masseur (15) Store keepers
    (16) Chief Butcher, (17) Gardener (18) Electrician (19) Waiter/Waitress
    (20) Mechanic (21) Front Office (22) Chefs (23) Bar Manager (24) Store Keeper
    (25) Room Service (26) Banquet Manager (27) Factory Supervisor
    (26) Security Officer (27) Sales & Marketing Manager (28) Waiter/Waitress
    (29) Cashiers (30) Steward (31) Receptionist (32) Retail Manager


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