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Thread: Tips / Prepration for the IELTS Listening Module

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    Tips / Prepration for the IELTS Listening Module

    *In IELTS listening section for most of the questions, all you need is a brief answer (often just one word).
    * Do not just listen for words; listen to the meaning of what is being said! Try to predict what is coming next.

    * Use the pauses for writing: if you write too soon, you may miss something you should be listening to!

    * In the note-taking tasks, think about the type of word that is required. For example, if a heading says “Purpose”, then it is likely that you need a list of verbs (e.g. To raise awareness, To conserve wildlife, To educate schoolchildren). By contrast, if a sentence says “This boat has attracted more _________ than any other boat in the race”, then you should expect a noun to fill the gap – e.g. publicity, funding, attention, visitors, trouble, photographers?

    * If you write 2 answers and the first one is wrong, no points will be awarded.

    * Spelling usually does not matter. However, if an incorrect spelling could cause confusion about your meaning, then it will be marked incorrect. For example, "bored" is good; "bord" is incorrect but acceptable; but "board" is unacceptable.

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    very true,
    just to add one more thing

    listening applicants, please listen to the conversation and do not summarise it!
    i have seen people often trying to get the main word, as the administrator said, try understanding the convo.

    tayab chinyoty

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    Admin, I really appreciate the note-taking tips stated by you. Here is another one-
    Often, in Listening, students make mistakes while noting the number of a phone/ mobile or address of a home, street or office; especially when the speaker gets confused and repeats or changes the figures.

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