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Thread: help please

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    help please

    ok here goes this is a tricky one ,i have fallen in love with a phillipino women but she lives in japan and works in japan,she has been there 4 about 16 years ,now she came to japan on faulse papers as many people did then ,she was married and still is to a man in phillipines but has not seen him for about 20 years,while in japan she married a japanese man and has since devorsed him about 8 years ago,now she wants to marry me and live in australia with me ,but she is still married to man in phillipines even though she has not see him 4 about 20 years or so,because its been so long and she is a resedent of japan do you think australian imigration would let her come into australia on a fiance visas so we can be married there i no its a tricky situation but can some one help please we dont no just what to do 4 the best thanks.

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    If i get it right she has divorced the Japanese man she has married in Japan abour 8 years ago and since the marriage and divorce took place in Japan I am sure she must be having documental proof of divorce. Even if her immigration status in Japan may arises a question mark I am sure she will be having a documented divorce... And if she does have it, your problem dies even before its birth. Proof of this birth is enough to label your girl friend as a 'Divorced' woman which should have no problem for Aussi Immigration authorities whatsoever.
    As far as her first husband is concerned, whom she have not seen for past 20 years, how would the Immigration even know about it? It's a meaningless thing anyway if they are not in contact for over 20 years.

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