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Thread: Entry Requirements to validate visa for "initial entry" in Australia

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    Entry Requirements to validate visa for "initial entry" in Australia

    I was wondering if anyone could point me in the direction of where exactly I may be able to find information for entry requirements to validate my visa once granted. My 3 questions are as follows:

    - If I have been granted a spouse visa, will I be able to enter anywhere in Australia to get it validated or will I need to enter the port that my wife resides in?

    - Is there a minimum time period I need to stay in after my "initial entry"?

    I look forward to hearing from anyone in the know.

    Thank You.

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    Only one answer for your both Questions i.e. NO.

    You can land anywhere u want in Australia.
    There is no Minimum Time period to stay for visa validation. you can return on very next flight.
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